About Aldo-Rafael Cos

Hi. What can I say about myself? Well, I'm an introvert believe it or not. Although my friends would probably not agree. I'm adventurous, fun-loving, and possess an unparalleled passion and drive for experiencing and learning new things. Here are the basics. I am an immigrant from Havana, Cuba that was raised in New York City. And I've been living in Los Angeles, California for over 25 years. I am fluent in my native Spanish, and I speak a little French (but don't test me). I am professionally educated and trained in every aspect of image making. But it's visual storytelling of people that I enjoy the most. When I'm not creating awesome images, you will find me traveling to far off lands or most recently, tending my vegetable garden, reading science fiction or baking chocolate muffins. I am a geek at heart. But the best thing about me is my super fun, playful approach to making amazing images for my clients. Feel free to drop me a line to talk about your travels, comic books, your favorite dessert or if you'd like to create some awesome images. Cheers!

email: info@aldocos.com