Head Shots

Our headshot sessions are not only designed to create images that meet your needs, but strive to produce new insights on how you view your appearance. We aim at creating an engaging, fun and uplifting environment to produce images which reflect your best self. I will provide assistance in getting the best poses and review the images after the shoot to ensure you are satisfied with the results.

Photo sessions are normally available Monday through Saturday at 10am or 1pm. I only book two sessions per day (not back to back) so you will not be rushed.

The session includes unlimited wardrobe changes, professional coaching for poses and expressions.

MUA available for $125

The pricing structure gives you the flexibility to purchase as many images your budget will allow.

Ok, ready to go? Just send me a text , call me or send me an email using the information below:

Aldo-Rafael Cos



Session Pricing

headshot Session

sitting fee ------------------------------------------------------ $125

Covers the cost of producing the images

price per LOOK ------------------------------------------------- $50

Includes professional retouching

portrait SESSION

sitting FEE ------------------------------------------------------ $140

Covers the cost of producing the images

PRICE PER LOOK ------------------------------------------------- $50

Includes professional retouching

EXTRA IMAGES -------------------------------------------------- $45

Unretouched digital download